Chronic ankle instability occurs when the ankle is weakened, and frequently gives way, or rolls out, on the outer (lateral) side of the foot. This can occur while participating in activities, walking, playing sports, or simply while standing. The ankle may also feel loose, wobbly, or unstable. Persistent swelling, pain, and tenderness may also be present.

Ankle sprains cause the ligaments and tendons that support the ankle to become overly stretched or even torn, which can affect balance. Proper care is recommended to repair damage, rehabilitate supporting structures, and to restore balance and strength. An ankle sprain that does not heal properly may result in additional sprains and chronic ankle instability. Additionally, further complications such as arthritis of the ankle may develop over time.

To determine if you are suffering from chronic ankle instability, our podiatrists will first inquire about previous ankle injuries. An examination and imaging tests will follow, allowing the doctor to properly diagnosis, and treat the condition.

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